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Buy our „Harmony Strap“and do good for kids in Bangladesh.
We all love to take pictures. How would you react if you go blind and all the pictures around you would vanish?

We do not only share happiness with you, we also share our turnover with kids in Bangladesh - Kids who are not able to see anymore. Therefore we support with 2 EURO of each sold Sharety Strap the helping project „Fighting blindness and its consequences” initiated by Andheri Hilfe Bonn.

Imagine - children with the age of 11 years already have to work 10 hours a day in Bangladesh. Moreover they suffer from malnutrition and hardly have the possibility to see a doctor. Worst of all – imagine the lives of the children who are, beside all this, also blind. We think it’s amazing that Andheri Hilfe Bonn makes children laugh again.

The great thing is that we can easily help – with only 40 EURO a child can successfully be operated. Another 60 EURO already help to give this child a future perspective by offering an education.

The sum of 350 EURO is enough to organize a complete eyesight test program in a school. All these children are given the chance to check their eyes so that blindness can be prevented as necessary medicine is given.

Sharety is the Spirit of Sharing, which was initiated by Mike Kuhlmann. It typifies the symbiosis of “to share” and “Charity”. If we all share the world will be a better place, from each and every day. We want to support this idea.



We say thanks to all the helping people for their commitment

We love Sharety  >  Share, Care, Love.


We are proud to share with you that we could donate 640 € for the period May 2011 - December 2013 together with your help. With this amount of money, 16 children in Bangladesh have received an eye operation and can now see again.


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