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quote_aboutus_englisch_langPhoto accessory has been around for many years and we are not the first online store that sells photo accessories online. But, whilst many other shops have chosen to rely on technology, we strive for the combination of functionality and design.

We're passionate about helping people feel individual.We want to put a smile on our customer’s face, each time they look at their camera strap or camera bag. Because we believe that even small and simple things can make our life a little more "special".

So we are trying to bring the most unique and highest quality products to you, so that you feel happy each time when you grap your camera gear.  This is how DESIGNSTRAPS started as our first project. It was more of a coincidence but we loved the idea of defining standard camera straps in a new way, bringing people more joy for pursuing their hobby.

We also believe that if one sets a good example, one can change things in the world. Therefore, we are also the first photo online store that shares. With our sharety camera strap we support the Andheri Hilfe and help blind children in Bangladesh. Maybe some of you may think that it is only one product that donates ... but just like you we wish that soon we will be able to share with every sold product. We're only young, but when we grow up we want to make more and more people happy with various projects.  
Making people happy is wonderful. We love it. Therefore, our philosophy is simple but ambitious: "We want to make people smile every day with things and actions that are beyond the status quo". Enjoy taking pictures and be individual in what you like!
Anne & Christina
Ps: If you have good ideas for joint projects, we are open and happy to learn more about them. We want to make the impossible possible :)
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